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Our  goal is to make your sustainable, environmentally-friendly innovative products or services become a main player in the marketplace.

Providing persuasive and compelling copy that effectively speaks and connects your messaging to your audiences is what I do.

That is my expertise

I help professionals, business owners, CEOs, and organizations by writing engaging, insightful, and well-researched content to support their marketing and media goals.

If you are looking to create marketing content that will:

  • Create trust and connection

  • Build awareness of your expertise

  • Target various audiences

  • Promote thought-leadership

I am the writer for you…

My passion is serving clients in the following sectors:

  • Environment

  • Sustainable and Ethical Consumption

  • Sustainable Food Systems

  • Health and Wellness

  • Clean Energy

  • Clean Technologies

  • Circular Economy

What we do

We provide high-performance copy

Marketing Strategy

Whether you’re focused on brand awareness, lead generation or customer retention, we’re here to solve your companies’ unique marketing challenges.

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Content Marketing Writing

We increase and elevate brand awareness by delivering relevant and useful content online and offline.

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Ghost Writing

The fastest way to build your authority is to get published. We make it easy to have your needs met, be it a trade magazine or a blogger site.

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Social Media Management

Social media gives you the most direct access to your potential clients.

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We help our clients build trust, create unique corporate identities, motivate employees, and foster meaningful stakeholder relationships.

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SEO Copywriting

Your content needs to be persuasive, but it also needs to rank with Google. Search engines drive the majority of online traffic.

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Need help with your marketing writing?

About Mélanie J. Chursinoff

My passion is to make sure that all sustainable services and products become the norm.

I use my expertise in copywriting and strategy to provide results-driven marketing, in order to grow brand awareness and visibility. I take technical and non-technical topics and transform them into accessible copy that engages, builds connection, and displays your expertise. I fully understand the need for marketing materials that build on integrity with persuasion.


You can receive solutions with a complimentary free, no-obligation 15-minute marketing support session.

In 15 minutes or less, I will provide you with an actionable steps to help you put your company on the mainstream map—whether or not you end up working with me.



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