Globe Metal

Yiling Chen

Marketing Coordinator

We were at a stage where we had a lot of ideas, but our marketing materials were not so cohesive. At first, we were hesitant because of the technical nature of our content, for it needed to be accessible to a layman. Quickly, our concerns were put at ease, as Melanie was able to take our ideas and put them into a clear, concise, and narrative format.
Working with Melanie, I found her to be very proactive when looking for ideas and information. She’s good at connecting the dots from different sources, and suggests ideas that are beneficial to our business. We find her process very smooth in a variety of ways, whether we are sitting down together to brainstorm or just suggesting topics and Melanie comes up with different angles. She always generates content that is useful and satisfies our needs. We highly recommend her for her research and interview skills, along with her various writings (e.g. blogs, articles, and presentations). We look forward to continue working with Melanie.

We quickly realized that we were missing a Quebec contingent for getting the word out to the local beekeepers and the general public on the International Convention Apimondia in Montreal held in September of 2019. I found Melanie to be very professional and easy to work with. The social and PR reporting was on time and met our standards. We were happy with the results and coverage the international convention received in Quebec. If we have any projects in Quebec, she will undoubtedly be on our list to call.

Canadian Honey Council

Rod Scarlett

Executive Director

WaterShed Monitoring

Sonja Behmel


As our business expanded, I knew we definitely needed to have more of a social media online presence. Before I found Melanie, we were just improvising when it came to our postings. When it came to producing a content calendar, I did not understand on how it all fitted together, and Melanie helped us with that. I would not hesitate to work with her again when the opportunity arises. I found her to be agreeable and constructive when it came to brainstorming ideas for posts on our content calendar. I found that working with Melanie provided me with useful and practical knowledge about the social platforms that we were posting on. I have a better understanding of what it takes to be more strategic with my social media postings. I would not hesitate to bring Melanie on for future projects. I know when the opportunity presents itself again; Melanie will be the right person for us.

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