We help our clients to build trust, create unique corporate identities, motivate employees, and foster meaningful stakeholder relationships.

Editing and Proofing

When English is not your first language, we make sure your marketing and communication materials sound like those of a native speaker. Not all businesses have a dedicated person who edits and proofreads all the marketing collateral materials, press releases, manuals and other business documents. We are there for you when it comes to all your marketing and communications documents online and offline.

Translation to French

Our goal is to make sure your message in all of your marketing and communications is
accurately translated. We provide top-notch translations, with translators only translating into
their mother tongue.


If writing a speech is something that you find cumbersome, then look no further.  We can customize an address for you. Be assured that your topics will be understandable, and accessible, using language that is gauged for your audience. Our speech-writing process is enjoyable and comfortable. We strive for 100% satisfaction regarding your custom written speech.


Never settle for a second rate presentation. If you are short of the necessary skills, knowledge or time in preparing a presentation, then have our professional writing service do this job for you. We assure you the best results. Our collaboration with professional graphic designers gives you the opportunity for a top rate, professional presentation.

Video Scripts

Video, it’s the closest personal interaction you can have with your target audience. You have a few seconds to get your message across and your viewers will pass either hit the mute button, close the page, or decide to stay. Every frame counts, which is why you do not want to waste a single frame with a poorly written script.

With our professional video script writing services, your video can open up a world of possibilities for your business. We work together to create a powerful marketing concept and integrate your message into all facets of your video project. Whether you need a video script for a product demo, an instructional video or a commercial spot,  we come up with the right format, concept, and tone to make it engaging and powerful.