Why SEO Blogging is Important for Eco-Friendly Businesses

Eco-friendly and plant-friendly brands are taking steps in the right direction when it comes to sustainability. The owners and CEOs of these companies are providing valuable solutions and alternatives for earth-conscious consumers. They are helping to mitigate the greatest challenge of our time – climate change. People are becoming more aware of issues involving injustice […]

How behavioural science can shift consumers into behaving more sustainably

I learned a precious lesson in the art of copywriting and marketing writing.  “People do not buy without a why.”                                     Jim Edwards Traditional marketing is based on encouraging and promoting the continual expansion of satisfying our wants and needs, where resources are viewed as infinite. The five main reasons why people will buy a […]

Why I love writing for green businesses and sustainable brands

Why I Love to Write for Green Businesses and Sustainable Brands The environment became front and centre with Rachel Carson’s book “The Silent Spring”. Environmental activism has been around for over forty years now. There was, and still is, a lot of criticism surrounding the environmental movement, especially with Michael Moore’s latest documentary, “The Planet of the […]