Giving a talk or a speech to an ideal client audience is a ‘must’ in your arsenal of marketing strategies for any green business. Using presentations to educate, motivate, and persuade an external or internal audience has many benefits.  The power of words and images engages and retains attention, and a well-crafted presentation demonstrates professionalism while reinforcing your company’s image. This is more of a challenge during COVID, but it is not impossible. All good marketing requires out-of-the-box thinking, especially in these COVID times. Of course, some of these tips will depend on your specific product or service, but for the time being, all public speaking opportunities have moved into the video spaces of Zoom, Jitsi, Teams, etc.

Here are four tips on finding other kinds of speaking venues that go beyond big industry conferences for your green business.

HR Corporate

Create a lunchtime seminar where you can be part of a group giving short talks on green topics over a Zoom lunch or Zoom coffee. Get in touch with HR departments to see if they can support this type of activity for their staff. 

Community Events

Make sure you check online and ask around your local community for events. There can be real value in local community events that you can find in Meetup, Eventbrite, or other local event calendars. If there is no easy route to apply for speaking, be persistent. Get the name of the person organizing the event and drop them an email or phone call introducing yourself, asking if you could speak at their event.

Professional organizations or associations

Explore opportunities with professional organizations or associations in your business domain. They offer webinar programs to members and are always on the lookout for new speakers.

Speaking at Clubs

To accomplish this, reach out to your local Chamber of Commerce and learn about which organizations exist in your community. You need to keep in mind which groups are hungry for your kind of information. As you establish yourself as an authority in your field, don’t forget – you’ll attract the right customers with your free information.

Final thoughts

These ideas are ways to leverage your online presence in order to support and enhance your brand image in the marketplace.

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