Content Marketing

In our online world, marketing is all about producing content.  Rightly so, content is king. Presenting helpful and useful content from a customer’s perspective is what makes content marketing so effective. Here is a true story that will give you an illustration of good content marketing. Let us take the example of a person who I will call Fred, who gets injured in a car accident. After visiting several physiotherapists and chiropractors, he is still suffering from chronic back pain. Being fed up with his situation, Fred decides to take his health into his own hands and starts searching on YouTube for strength exercises for his back. Fred finds a holistic health care practitioner who has a channel with a series of videos that he finds helpful, and the guy in the videos also has a great sense of humour.

With each video and in doing the exercises, Fred starts to feel better. He even buys some orthopaedic pillows and other exercise equipment without checking out the competition for prices. Next, he buys the practitioner’s books addressing back and neck issues and even gives them away to his friends.

Another reason why content marketing is so effective is that there are a variety of components which can be used throughout the buying cycle of a client while nurturing visitors into becoming customers.

Using different types of content marketing will depend on customer preference and the buying journey.

The key when using different types of content will depend on the kind of campaign you are running, the customers’ content preferences, where they hang out, and which phase of the customer journey you want to target.

It is essential to know which content methods to use to nurture your target audience properly. After all, content marketing is about building trust and authority. But here is the deal: not every single type of content will engage your visitor, which is why you need to vary up your content. This list below will get you started.

Here is the necessary break down of the 12 basic types of proven content, which engage your audience today.

1.      Blogs

2.      Original Research

3.      Long-Form Articles

4.      Videos

5.      Infographics

6.      Case studies

7.      White Papers

8.      Podcasts

9.      Webinars

10.    E-books

11.    E-mail Newsletters

12.    Presentations

1. Blogs – They are generally what people think about when it comes to content marketing. Blogs are usually easy to produce and the benefits are worth it if they are done right – they help with search ranking, build an authoritative base in your niche, and provide content that can be re-purposed. Blogging covers many types of marketing such as why what, how-to, video, infographics, lists etc. It is best to use keywords as well as headline tools in order to create the most effective headlines.

2. Original Research – Creating content using original research is a very popular format that includes links and shares across several platforms. It is also a great way to get inbound links, and is good for SEO.

3. Long Format Articles – In a brief summary:

-Long-form content generates reader value.

 -People like to share long-form articles on social media.

-They create higher online visibility through enhanced search engine ranking.

-Long-format articles boost conversions.

4. Video – This has become the medium of choice, being the most popular format for mobile users. Research conducted by Hubspot claims that 54% of audiences want to see more videos from their brands – more than any other type of content. It is a versatile medium where a variety of content can be created. With very little instruction, one can shoot from their iPhone and learn to market like a pro.

5. Infographics – This approach allows people to interpret information correctly. It draws in and involves the viewers, bringing them to a better understanding of why something happens the way it does. Marketers continue to increase their visual content and infographics to market their business. You need to make sure your information is interesting, reliable, and attractive.

6. Case studies – These are one of the best types of marketing you can produce. They are valuable for the way they build that ‘like, know, and trust’ factor, and are also highly versatile.  Dark green consumers willing to pay more for green, eco-friendly, and sustainable products and services are very educated when it comes to making purchasing decisions. Your success stories need to reflect a sustainable reality, be engaging, and focus in on your customers.

7. White papers – A well-written white paper is a superior weapon in your marketing arsenal. The white paper mentions business and technical topics, but more importantly, it informs and influences. The strength of a white paper rests on the premise of, “give value to your readers, and they will give their loyalty, and eventually their business”.

8. Podcasts – These have become very popular in the last few years. More than 15% of the population listens to a podcast once a week. The benefits include:

– Easy to create.

-An alternative to video content.

-Increase traffic generation.

– Highly engaging.

-They build a good relationship with your audience.

-Allow customers to access your material at their convenience.

9. Webinars or online seminars – These are a great business tool as a content marketing format. The stats of qualifying leads and converting visitors to customers all have the stats to back them up. They usually consist of a presentation, along with a brief Q&A session. They help you to show off your expertise and encourage attendees to want to use them.

10. E-books – These are a fantastic way to create content rapidly. When done right, they are an excellent lead magnet that can help your customers with their problems. A good place to start is by working with a pillar content or long-form content blog.

11. E-mail newsletters – They have a great ROI and are an excellent opportunity to highlight the content you have created in other formats, considering that e-mail opening rates are higher these days due to Covid. The benefits include:

-E-mail is still the preferred method of communication.

-They are power conversion tool.

-E-mail marketing offers the opportunity to promote new products and services.

-It can be pre-scheduled.

12. Presentations – One of the nice things about promoting your business with presentations is that they can be quickly put online with a SlideShare account. Just upload them, making sure you include three keywords to make them easy to find. You can also promote your presentations via regular marketing outlets.