6 Tips on Writing an Effective Business Presentation


We all know that businesses, organizations, and professionals often use presentations to sell a product or service, as well as educate and motivate. The power of words and images are used to engage an audience – a well-crafted presentation demonstrates professionalism and reinforces a company’s image and brand. When a presentation is professionally written and designed, the following factors determine its effectiveness on your intended audience.

Instructive and Informative

Your audience wants to gain new information, such as about overcoming obstacles or improving performance or productivity, and a good presentation will leave your audience with new enlightening information. The most beneficial presentation will provide practical information which can be applied immediately, and a truly helpful and effective presentation will rely on delivering direct experiences which are genuine and heartfelt. 

Inspiring and Motivating

A business presentation needs to capture the audience’s attention. A compelling presentation contains the element of a story, complete with problems, resolutions, and lessons learned. 

Visually Appealing

Good, strong graphics will make all the difference for a presentation, as they will have an impact on the audience. Graphics should be used as tools to get the point across, while maintaining the focus on key issues. 


A business presentation is an interactive experience that involves an audience. A good presentation will give a memorable experience and create a bond between the presenter and the audience members. When camaraderie is generated during a presentation, it helps to drive home the overall message. After all, the whole raison d’être of a presentation is to inform the audience in a way that will energize and elevate them.