All relationships, whether they are business or personal, are based on trust and mutual respect. As business owners, it’s critical to connect with potential leads and develop that business-client relationship. Developing connections leads to that like, know, and trust factor. Combining this with the number of touchpoints, and right messaging, and the cycle of your potential customer’s sales journey will eventually have her or him buying your product or service.

To be successful in any business, the essential attitude we need to remember is: ‘Your clients don’t care how much you know, they want to know how much you care.’ This same attitude must come through in your content marketing.

Business owners need to produce marketing content. Whether it’s a blog, newsletter or website updates, one of the things you need to be asking yourself when writing content is: Why should a reader pay attention to me? And why should they care?

The way to answer these questions, one needs to control that message. To engage and connect with your audience here are some tips for writing more compelling and engaging copy.

  1. Be Likeable

Dr Robert Cialdini’s in his classic book, Influence-The Psychology of Persuasion, explains using evidence-based research on how and why people will say ‘yes’. There are six universal principles that Cialdini’s shows us, and being ‘likeable’ is one of them.  In your marketing copy, you do not want to use impersonal business language or jargon. Loosen up your style by using “I” or “we” and make sure you produce a conversational tone. This will make your brand more approachable and likeable.

  1. Be Authentic

Being authentic doesn’t mean that you reveal every detail about yourself in your marketing content, but what is essential is, to be honest, and be yourself. You want your writing to be human, real and with a purpose. The goal is to make a difference in your reader’s life- no matter how small.  One of the ways to sound real and authentic is to have a personal writing voice. MailChimp uses a style guide to describe a human voice. It’s welcoming, familiar and sincere. The priority is always to help readers and not impress them with your knowledge. Another critical method is to vary the tone of your writing. Changing your writing tone, of course, will depend on the mood you put forward. When employing this writing style, you will have a much more human voice to your readers.

  1. Be Compassionate

Know what your readers are feeling? Do you understand their challenges and experiences? Writing can be challenging as we don’t know all the variables, but what we need to do is try and ‘walk a mile in our ideal client’s shoes.’ When we do this, we can find ways to be more inclusive and help bring the light of positivity into our readers and clients lives.

  1. Be Vulnerable

To succeed in writing copy, you need to make yourself vulnerable as a writer to your audience.

In 2010, Dr Brené Brown gave a TED talk called the ‘The Power of Vulnerability”, and it is one of the top ten most viewed in the history of TED talks. It has since become a web-video phenomenon being shared by millions of people all over the globe. For Brown, “Staying vulnerable is a risk we have to take if we want to experience connection.” It is critical to reveal who we are to our readership and our community. When we expose ourselves, tell our story, this attracts people to us for they have the opportunity to see themselves in your context. Permitting yourself to be vulnerable allows others to do the same; it will enable others to understand you truly and makes you more relatable to others. It helps to turn your readers into followers and friends.

  1. Have a Spark of Liveliness

Do you use lively language? Rhythmic style is more influential than we think. Studies show that our brains synchronize with the rhythm of the music. Upbeat music gets us moving while some classical can bring to us a meditative calm. These same principles apply to our writing. To add a spark of energy, create a mix of short and long sentences to increase the tempo and to make it quick and snappy.

Readers are looking for real connections with real people, so write what matters to you, and establish those relationships by writing from the heart. You have the power to engage and touch the hearts of your readers; all you have to do is realize it and unleash it, it’s not as hard as you think.

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