Why I Love to Write for Green Businesses and Sustainable Brands

The environment became front and centre with Rachel Carson’s book “The Silent Spring”. Environmental activism has been around for over forty years now. There was, and still is, a lot of criticism surrounding the environmental movement, especially with Michael Moore’s latest documentary, “The Planet of the Humans”. Not to mention adding the debate on climate change to the mix. I have been emotionally involved and concerned about the environment for more than twenty years now – I educate myself and make all the changes I can realistically make to my own lifestyle in order to be eco-responsible. When my husband and I first heard about Garbage Patch of the Pacific, we made some concerted efforts to change our lifestyle, including putting our money where our mouth was and buying a hybrid car. Somewhere within it all, I got a degree in philosophy to keep myself open-minded about the world as much as I could. However, that practical side of me continued to reign. I came to the conclusion that the only way we as a society can get out of the mess we are in is to change the way we do things. That not only includes lifestyle changes, but ultimately involves moving more towards green and sustainable products and services. When I began my journey of providing marketing and communications writing for businesses in this domain, I saw that the tide was already changing and has since been gaining momentum. Despite the challenges, the positive trends and statistics supporting this movement for the environment continues. 

It gives me hope

We see many first-time entrepreneurs building companies around environmental awareness and protection. Many promising start-ups focus on durable, eco-friendly products and services. Even farmers are coming out of the woodwork and starting to design electric tractors.

It comes from the heart

As I see it in this communications marketplace, we can talk all we want about the power of technology to solve our environmental problems, but technology alone will not fix it. We need a strong human response, and therein lays the challenge. I help owners of green and sustainable businesses to speak to their potential clients, in order to feel the connections with these issues, educate, and unite them. 

On the other scale, many businesses are created by environmentally-conscious people. Many of the companies I know have been created out of a need, and this is very inspiring to me.

Consumers want sustainable brands

Consumers, especially Millennials, are careful when it comes to spending their money compared to other generations. However, they are willing to spend more money on sustainable products and services that have a strong social message, apply sustainable practices, and exercise ethical business standards. According to Nielsen’s Unique Sustainability Opportunities Report, 73% of global consumers say that they are willing to change their consumption habits in order to reduce their environmental impact. 

It is clear that consumers want sustainable brands – which is why I find it extremely important to create a proper marketing message to your audience, or they will end up buying from your competitors. I make sure that special attention is given to ensuring that sustainable brands show their customers what they stand for. 

Sustainability is beyond green

Focusing on the environment is of utmost importance to me, and it is a good place to start, but sustainability goes beyond that. I believe that, fundamentally, the success of businesses needs to be committed to values like sustainability, diversity, and inclusion. These are crucial to advancing the kind of economy and world where we can all flourish. I believe that marketing is a force for good. As the owner of Greenwind Communications, I am happy to contribute my expertise, energy, and commitment to green businesses and sustainability. 

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